a collaboration collective

We used to feel things, remember that?
How that felt? To have a feeling and sit with it a while?
Before we washed it away with constant validation and stimulation.
Before we could communicate with anyone we wanted whenever we wanted.
When patience was valuable and time to think was not only acceptable but suggested.
Remember when we never had to say 'be present' cause we already were.
Remember when we just did something because it felt right, 
because at some point, 
we believed,
it might make it a little better,
a little easier,
a little more beautiful. 


         We just want to remind people how it feels, to feel. 


Ways to work with us

Where there's a will, there's a way.

artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries:

We want to change the way people connect with content and products that they interact with. We want to put the meaning back into things; the motivation. We want to remind people why they are doing things and show them what is it like to do them, if they can relate or not. To show them what it feels like and tap into their motivation for interacting. Consumption is inevitable, we want to make sure people feel it, understand why they are connecting with what they are interacting with, we want them to mean it. Focus on the why not the how. What is better than understanding why you are doing something? Having a motive, a motivation, feels good. We can give them something that feels how it should. We choose things so specially when it means something to us, if it's important. Nobody wants anything unless you give it to them like it's worth something.


Look + Feel

If you have an idea, new company, message, or simply need a platform, we will work with you to create the overall look and feel. Technically speaking, this includes a 1-2 minute video, website, 20 stills, social media set-up and visual direction. We would love to offer an ongoing partnership with these packages to ensure consistency and evolution to grow with you. Inquire at the front desk for rates.  Basically, we will create the content and build all your platforms for your idea to be most genuinely perceived. Honesty is the most valuable product.

Campaign / Content Creation

If you have an existing platform and are looking to expand or develop the perception, we will make a campaign bring it to life.  Focusing on the motivation to interact and the experience of the interaction itself.  If you need a narrative to help tell your story, or maybe just a little brainstorm to help find your voice. We can do that too & it's actually our favorite part. If you already have a concept, we can simply bring it to life in a way that both impactful and visually stunning. 

* (Motel) specialty* Film / Video Production / Documentation

All we have been talking about it visually stunning, impactful, storytelling. It's what we love to do. If you have a script, story or situation you want portrayed visually through a video of any length, we can make it.