You've been driving all day, the suns been down for hours, there's nothing for the next 60 miles and you can hardly keep your eyes open. Desperation sinking in. In the distance you see a faint red light, as you get closer and read 'Vacancy' just lighting up the bottom of a sign that says MOTEL. Relief spurs your last spark of energy as you pull into a gravel parking lot. In the review mirror, you catch a glimpse of dust dancing in the moon's light just before you open your door, colliding with the night, and begin approaching the office. WELCOME TO UNTITLED MOTEL.



Welcome to the front desk, let us know if you need anything.


We came across (Motel) as we were driving down a path of our own, self exploration. Feeling like if we keep driving down the same road, we might miss the turn leading to that dusty abandoned town, full of victorian lace and little ivory handled pistols, floor boards keeping the secret of heritage fortunes that outlived it's residents. Sometimes if you don't change your course in time, when you know you should, you risk loosing more than taking the wrong turn, complacency is the fastest path to lost. Be bold, be brave.


Jaclyn is a visionary with a business background. Joseph is a realizer, an optical illusionist, with an art/music background. We can make a project from scratch, we can pick up the pieces with you, or we can simply be a piece for you. For promotional and branding needs, (Motel) can design and build you a website as well as Strategize and establish social media. There are various options on the menu with different sizes to fit. For film/video Jaclyn is primarily a casting director and wardrobe stylist. Joseph is primarily a cinematographer and director. However, Being a two people team, we have worn all the hats. 

We used to feel things, remember that? How that felt? To have a feeling and sit with it a while? Before we washed it away with constant validation and stimulation. Before we could communicate with anyone we wanted whenever we wanted. When patience was valuable and time to think was not only acceptable but suggested. Remember when we never had to say 'be present' cause we already were. Remember when we just did something because it felt right, because at some point, we believed, it might make it a little better, a little easier, a little more beautiful. 
 We just want to remind people how it feels, to feel.